Best apps to Learn Chinese

Best apps Learn Chinese Best apps Learn Chinese – CHINESESKILL, Pleco, Memrise, FluentU, Hello HSK, and DU CHINESE. 1/ CHINESESKILL – FREE Learn Chinese is just like play games  —  CHINESESKILL CHINESESKILL  is a likely game application for Chinese language learning, the overall system is similar with Duolingo, it lets the user in the “test” at the same time while learning… Read More Best apps to Learn Chinese

Mandarin tones

Pitch Contours of Mandarin Tones Practice using the four Mandarin tones. Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language, which means that different tones can change the meaning of a word, even if the pronunciation and spelling are otherwise the same. It is essential to learn the different tones if you wish to speak Mandarin Chinese correctly. Mandarin… Read More Mandarin tones

Cantonese – One of the seven major Chinese dialects

Chinese Dialects – Cantonese Cantonese dialects is a kind of Chinese Dialects of Han tone language belonged to Sino-Tibetan language family.It originated from ancient Chinese plains YaYan which is a mother language of Han. Ethnic groups in north China, and in the Qin and Han Dynasty it spread to Guangdong and Guangxi region. When combined… Read More Cantonese – One of the seven major Chinese dialects

The Chinese Phonetic Alphabet

The Chinese Pinyin Alphabet In the late 1950s, Chinese people began to use the Chinese phonetic alphabet. There have been many different systems many different systems of transcription for learning to pronounce Chinese.  A syllable in Chinese is composed of an initial, which is a consonant that begins the syllable,  and a final, which covers the rest of the syllable. 23 INITIALS: b,p,m,f,d,t,n,l,g,k,h,j,q,x,z,c,s,zh,ch,sh,r,y,w * Chinese people read m, f, n, l, h and sh as in English. * d like “d” in “bed” (unaspirated) j like “g” in “genius”  (unaspirated) z like “ds” in “beds” zh like “j” in “job” b like “p” in “spin” (unaspirated) g a soft unaspirated “k” sound x like “sh” in “sheep” but with the corners of the lips drawn back r somewhat like “r” in “rain” *  You should pay more attention to the pronunciation of the so-called “aspirated” consonants. It is necessary to breathe heavily after the consonant is pronounced.  p like “p” in “pope” t like “t” in “tap” k like “k” in “kangaroo” q harder than “ch” in “cheap” c like “ts” in “cats” ch (tongue curled back, aspirated) * Distinction between certain initials: b / p d / t g / k j / q z / c zh / ch  y: yes yellow w: what why Chinese Phonetic Alphabet

Modern Chinese Dialects

Seven Chinese Dialects Linguists generally recognize seven major Chinese dialect areas in China, namely Northern dialect, Wu dialect, Xiang dialect, Gan dialect, Hakka, Min dialect and Cantonese. North dialect is the foundation of modern Chinese national common dialect, with Beijing dialect as its representative.  Also, the Northern dialect is the basic language of the modem Han Nationality.… Read More Modern Chinese Dialects

Mandarin Chinese – Sino Tibetant

Sino Tibetan – Mandarin Chinese Mandarin Chinese belongs to the Sino Tibetan family of languages. The language we call Mandarin Chinese in English goes by many names in the Chinese speaking world. While often referred to as Hanyu, it is also called Zhongwen. Particularly in reference to the written form; Putonghua in Mainland China; and Hudyu in Singapore. Another it is the common language of the… Read More Mandarin Chinese – Sino Tibetant