Yueyang Tower

Yueyang Tower is one of the three famous towers in south China, another two are Yellow Crane Towe and Pavilion of Prince Teng. The ancients in China built many exquisite and tall pavilions, which attracted countless people with lofty ideals to ascend, unburden their hearts and compose poems and fu. Some pavilions become world famous… Read More Yueyang Tower

The Dragon Boat Festival

the Dragon Boat Festival The Dragon Boat Festival is also called the Duanwu Festival.  It is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese lunar calendar. So it earns another name – Double Fifth Festival.  Actually, it has a variety of names in Chinese: 端午节、龙舟节、午日节、五月节、浴兰节。 It is a popular and traditional… Read More The Dragon Boat Festival

Cantonese – One of the seven major Chinese dialects

Chinese Dialects – Cantonese Cantonese dialects is a kind of Chinese Dialects of Han tone language belonged to Sino-Tibetan language family.It originated from ancient Chinese plains YaYan which is a mother language of Han. Ethnic groups in north China, and in the Qin and Han Dynasty it spread to Guangdong and Guangxi region. When combined… Read More Cantonese – One of the seven major Chinese dialects

Chinese Chopsticks

Chinese Chopsticks Chinese Chopsticks are the dining utensils most frequently used in Chinese people’s daily life. In ancient China, people called it “zhu”. When the Chinese began to use chopsticks as an eating instrument is anybody’s guess. In the book of Liji, people first mention of chopsticks,a work compiled some 2000 years ago. They look deceptively simple to use, but possesses multi… Read More Chinese Chopsticks