Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan Mountain, formerly called Yishan, is one of China’s most spectacular mountains. It is the general name of a famous range of the Granite Mountains found within the boundaries of Huangshan Municipality south of Anhui Province. Huangshan Mountain is about 40 km, long from north to south and 30 km wide from east to west. Its sightseeing area covers 154 sq. km. , so it is known as “five – hundred – li Huangshan”. The airport at the old town of Tunxi is 75 km. away. On the way to Huangshan, you might have a chance to visit one of the time-honored factories for either writing paper or ink stone.  Huangshan’s beauty is unparalleled on earth. Once you ascend the Huangshan Mountain, you will find other mountains nothing but mounds or hillocks. Just as it says, “No eager to see mountains back from Huangshan mountain, and neither to see water after visiting Jiuzhai

The attractive landscapes scattered in the vast area include three lakes, three waterfalls, twenty pounds, twenty – four streams,seventy – two peaks, accompanied with the majestic view of sunrise, gorgeous sunset and the mysterious Buddha halo.

Over the century  Chinese men of letters have immortalized “four ultimate beauties” of Huangshan Mountain: ancient pine trees clinging to the rock face; peaks in strange shapes; bubbling hot springs and rapidly changing clouds. All these form a unique spectacle of its own that will enchant the tourists so much as to make them linger on and on.

Huangshan Mountain is beautiful with its pine trees. Tlie hardy,old pine trees are all beautifully shaped by nature: some growing out of the rock cracks, some standing adhering to the cliff, some overhanging over the deep valley, and others capping the head of rock. Green and luxuriant are the giant pines several dozen feet high. Subtle and exquisite are the miniature pines only several inches in Huangshan’s pines growing in various styles are all natural works of art.

Huangshan’s scenery is based on its peaks. Each of the seventy ~ two peaks in different shapes has its own charm. The highest of the seventy – two peaks, Lotus Peak, raises 1, 873 meters above sea level. The Heavenly Capital Peak is the second highest, and right in this section, there is a one – meter – wide ridge called Carp’s Backbone”. These two peaks are distinguished for their loftiness, steepness, and grandeur, while Shixin(meaning to begin to believe) Peak shooting out from the deep valley impresses us with its slenderness, quietness, and delicacy. The harmony of strength and grace make a superb picture of Huangshan Mountain.

But Huangshan Mountain is for the very daring and adventurous. For example,to reach the valley before the final ascent to the top means climbing 800 stone steps which are cut into about 80-degree cliff. Although there are iron chain railings to assure the safety of the visitors,many still resort to crawling to get across. However, the reward is generous – lofty peaks, steep valleys, winding streams and brooks, luxuriant plants and trees – so many beautiful scenes that one sim|dNf can’t take them all in. A cable car is available now. It is China’s longest of its kind shuttling between the Beihai (North Sea) Hotel and the Cloud Valley Temple.

Huangshan Mountain has a pleasant weather, the coldest time is in January, with an average daily temperature of – 2. 9 degrees centigrade. The warmest time is July, with a daily temperature of 17.7 degrees centigrade. Annual precipitation is 2, 395mm. , mostly between May and September. The charm of the scenery in Huangshan Mountain is in its changes during different seasons, which is the main reason for attracting tourists all the year round.

Huangshan Mountain is wonderful for its varied scenes and changeable views. “Peak, rock, pine. Everything here is marvelous; cloud, water, mountain all seem to be living. ” The clouds float to and from among the pine trees and the brooks flow murmuring around the rocks. The view changes when you move a step and the scene vary with the time, weather and season. It is “change” that makes Huangshan Mountain distinguished from other mountains. The beauty of Huangshan Mountain is beyond words. So, the best thing to do is to visit it and get some idea of it for yourself. You have to be there to see it to believe.

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