Chinese Pronunciation

Chinese Pronunciation Each Chinese syllable is composed of three parts: consonants, vowels and tones. The beginning sounds are usually consonants, often called initials, and the rest are Chinese pronunciation, often called Chinese pronunciation. Tones refer to pitch differences in the chinese pronunciation of the syllables. And each syllable has a tone. Chinese syllables may have one… Read More Chinese Pronunciation

Modern Chinese Dialects

Seven Chinese Dialects Linguists generally recognize seven major Chinese dialect areas in China, namely Northern dialect, Wu dialect, Xiang dialect, Gan dialect, Hakka, Min dialect and Cantonese. North dialect is the foundation of modern Chinese national common dialect, with Beijing dialect as its representative.  Also, the Northern dialect is the basic language of the modem Han Nationality.… Read More Modern Chinese Dialects

Mandarin Chinese – Sino Tibetant

Sino Tibetan – Mandarin Chinese Mandarin Chinese belongs to the Sino Tibetan family of languages. The language we call Mandarin Chinese in English goes by many names in the Chinese speaking world. While often referred to as Hanyu, it is also called Zhongwen. Particularly in reference to the written form; Putonghua in Mainland China; and Hudyu in Singapore. Another it is the common language of the… Read More Mandarin Chinese – Sino Tibetant